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Start Save Money to heat your building with a biomass boiler


How many square metres do you want to heat saving money?:
Which fuel do you want use?

Here's what you can burn with your biomass boiler. Find out which biomass choose for your boiler.


The wood has a good heating value and a low cost.

Wood Chips

The wood chips are the cheaper material with a good heating power.


The granules are biomass of agricultural origin.

Burn it all!

Prunings, wood waste, sawdust briquettes.


The pellet is inexpensive, easy to store and with high efficiency.


Good reasons to have a biomass boiler

  • Less pollution
  • High heating efficiency
  • Benefits with incentives
  • Simple maintenance
  • Safety
  • Ecologic
  • Low impact for the transport of the biomass fuel to the proximity between the place of collection and the places of use
Save money with a biomass boiler
Start save money

With a biomass boiler can save up to 70% on your home heating and production of hot water.

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Fire Power

Fire Power imports the best biomass boilers from Poland, handles the sale, installation and technical support to the customer throughout Italy.

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Consulting for a good plant biomass heating

To get the best possible performance from a biomass plant is important to well design the system.
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