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Agro Eco

high quality and tecnology

The biomass boiler Agro Eco is ideal to burn many types of fuel.

The advantages of the biomass boiler Agro Eco

  • brazier totally automatic, self-cleaning, high-performance
  • grate steel and ceramic elements
  • Automatic feeding double auger
  • Security against the return of the flame to the fuel tank
  • Easy maintenance

The fuel for the biomass boiler Agro Eco


Granules (Cereals, Corn, Oats, Dried kernels)
efficiency89 class3

The biomass boiler Agro Eco is ideal for heating from 60 square meters to 1400 square meters

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Optimize plant

In an era of ever-increasing energy prices obtained from the processing of fossil fuels, the search for alternative sources of energy - and at the same time less expensive - is becoming increasingly important. The technology of the burning of cereal (especially oats, corn), pellets and other biomass is more and more interest.

Many years of experience and research of new alternative solutions in the field of combustion of fuel have led to the creation of a new line of boilers AGRO-ECO suitable for highly efficient fuel consumption totally automatic of biomass.

boilers SAS AGRO-ECO are characterized by brazier fully automatic, self-cleaning, high-performance , burn the exact amount of fuel needed to get temperature set on the thermostat . The elements of the brazier exposed to action of high temperature are made high-strength steel to heat and ceramic materials . The brazier equipped with ceramic panels allows to obtain the optimal conditions to promote the combustion process cereals (the optimum temperature for the combustion of cereals is 1200° C), increases the efficiency of the grid and at the same time affects its durability.

The fuel is supplied automatically by the container of fuel using an auger. The safe movement of biomass takes place through the mechanism of Two screws separate from the hopper to fall . The movement of the augers is activated dall'ingranamento of the teeth of toothed wheels driven by a chain through the gearmotor. In addition, the pipe conveyor has adopted a protection element: temperature sensor on race fuel . This solution provides a safe conveyance of biomass , eliminating the need for additional protection against the uncontrolled return of fire to the tank of the fuel. The command Microprocessor automatically manages the operation of the conveyor of the fuel, the fan and the mechanism clean the pot.

In addition, the boiler is equipped with resistance that causes the onset of combustion .

The multifunctional device for boiler control allows the full control of fuel metering (depending on the type of fuel used), the automatic control of the process of initiation and the parameters of the combustion process. Thanks to the above, the combustion of biomass is complete (absence of unburnt residues). The clutch automatic fuel shut off the grate and maintenance system of the flame after reaching the desired temperature ensures that you can continuous operation of the boiler and link operation of the boiler 'hot water in the summer .

The system for regulating the intensity and distribution of the flow of air blown under the grate in the grate and in the area of the secondary air inflow, makes sure that the combustion chamber is provided an adequate amount of fuel and air. Therefore, the gasified fuel burns with a intense flame comparable to the flame of a gas or oil burner .

AGRO-ECO boilers use different fuels , inter alia products of agricultural origin offering various solutions to the user. They are: pellets (both pure chipboard, which bark of poplar energy of rape straw) of cereals such as oats, mustard, maize, lupine, wood chips willow (length & lt; 20 mm, humidity & lt ; 15%), dried cherry pits and so on.

The equipment of the grate with the mechanism of the mobile grid allows the use of fuels that tend to form the slag .

The type of biofuel and much of its moisture influence the outcome in terms of heating boiler. Depending on the type of fuel used and its calorific get the fuel consumption higher (lower heating value) or lower (higher heating value).

The consumption of oats, for example, in cold weather, depending on the house size (140 to 180 sq ft), and its thermal insulation is about 6 to 8 tons.

The advantage of a boiler is its comfortable and easy to use which is pretty much just in the Regular Fuel Tank Power .

The tank is equipped in standard fuel tank, where the average time of combustion depending on atmospheric conditions and level of thermal insulation and is of 1 ÷ 3 days.

There is the possibility of expansion of the an additional fuel tank that allows you to accumulate this amount of fuel that is enough for the whole winter.

A small amount of ash formatami a result of the combustion of biomass (ash content: pellets - about 1%, cereals about 7%) is fed to the container of ashes , which must be emptied periodically .

Ash formed during the combustion process can be used as a great ecological fertilizer for the garden .

To ensure the safe operation of the boiler AGRO-ECO is equipped with a graduated system of safety . E 'with a protection against the return of the flame to the fuel tank by the power supply also has a protection against overheating of the boiler (thermostat). But in the case of the power failure occurs Storage the operating status and the control of all the settings and then after the return of the boiler is automatically start .

AGRO-ECO boilers are designed for heating buildings where the estimated temperature of the supply system of central heating does not exceed 85 ° C. Boilers can be adapted to the open-loop systems, which are protected in accordance with current legislation. The boilers have also been designed for the heating of residential building (single or multi-family) and buildings of public .

AGRO-ECO boilers are an excellent solution for users who are looking for more fuel-fired boiler with automatic that it offers as a result of a comfort in use .

Scheme and section diagram of the biomass boiler SAS AGRO-ECO

biomass boiler agro eco scheme and section

1. Door air dosage

2. The ash pan door

3. Ash pan drawer

4. Boiler body (body)

5. Insulation

6. Door accenssione / Power

7. Front door cleaning

8. Dispenser airflow *

9. Strip of connection

10. Flue

11. Temperature sensor of the exhaust gas

12. Fuel tank (fuel container)

13. Safety valve

14. Temperature controller (command)

15. Joining pipe hot water

16. Thermometer

17. Clean-out door side

18. Pipe joint return water

19. Pipe junction with tap (inflow of cooling water **)

20. Motor with power supply (double screw) *

21. Hall Sensor

22. Mechanism of motorization grid

23. Fan (air source)

24. Channel blower (secondary air / on)

25. Temperature sensor supply

26. Resistance (electric ignition)

27. Ceramic panels

28. Handle for mounting grid replacement ***

29. Adjustable feet (do not cover the boiler output of more than 36kW)

30. Pipe joint for the temperature sensor with capillary tube **

* the dispenser of the air flow is not included as standard equipment on the boiler.

** does not apply to boilers above 48 kW thermal protection against overheating - thermostat valve. such as Danfoss type BVTS, is not included in the standard equipment of the boiler.

*** grille replacement is not included in the standard equipment of the boiler.

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