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Bio GA

high quality and tecnology

The heat generator Pellet Bio GA is ideal for heating large spaces and greenhouses

The advantages of the heat generator Bio GA

  • burner totally automatic, self-cleaning, high-performance
  • Class 5 and thermal efficiency 92%
  • system Automatic on and off
  • Save up to 70% than traditional systems of heating
  • ECO : The pellet is a natural material whose combustion is a low-CO2
  • allows air exchange in heated rooms
  • eliminates the cost and clutter radiators as heaters or radiators
  • SMARTPHONE APP allows you to control your system from your smartphone wherever you are

The fuels for heat generator Bio GA


The heat generator Bio GA is in Class 5 and will let you enjoy all the tax benefits and bonus

The heat generator Pellet Bio GA is ideal for heating from 1500 to over 15000 mc

Optimize plant

Save 50-70% more with your biomass boiler

Optimizing your biomass plant you can get an additional savings of up to 70% in fuel consumption, for example by combining a puffer to your boiler.

Evaluation is free and our technicians will offer the best specific solution for you.

Save up 70%70%
Optimize plant

Our modern wood pellet stove is a multifunctional device, which can be used not only for heating but also as a part of ventilation or air-conditioning system providing remarkable comfort. Fire Power Bio GA pellet boilers are fully automated, what additionally increases comfort of operating. Usage of cheap fuel - wood pellets - is a certain advantage, providing lower operating costs (charges for heating). Innovative construction together with high quality and careful workmanship ensures Fire Power furnaces long-term operating in any space. It's an excellent alternative to traditional, expensive heating methods, and also a way to substitute a few ventilations system devices with one.

Heat generators Fire Power Bio GA , models 24, 35, 45, 80, 130, 250 are provided as integrated heating system, have powers ranging from 24 kW to 250 kW, and are made from the burner, powered by the pellet tank and from the ventilation system. Implants Bio GA can be used for heating small rooms used for civil replacing the central heating system, but find their natural space for heating of industrial halls, sports arenas and sports facilities, greenhouses and companies . the heat generated in the burner, in the form of hot air can be sent directly to the local as in the model by 24 kW or through the DUCT as in the models of major powers.

The device Bio GA consists of the following units: heat exchanger made of stainless steel, flame tubes, radial fan, head with butterfly valves or lateral head of introduction of heated air to air channels , fan speed controller, enclosure powder coated galvanized with additional screens on the inside, galvanized deflectors. Are mounted on the front body: burner, power supply, control system, cruise control and its wiring.

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Get the full burner Bio GA

The heat generator Fire Power Bio GA is equipped with a special pellet burner Bio FIRE that can be purchased individually and mounted natural gas boilers, steam and oil replace the old burner or used to heat ovens of bakeries.

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bio ga schema areazioneSYSTEM PLAN WITH MIXING AIR

Use a heat generator Bio GA eliminates the heating elements inside the rooms, have a heating system more quickly and with less inertia and allows a continuous exchange of air spaces, even during the summer months.

It can also use the ventilation channels to make the air change environments even in summer and match the heat generator in air-conditioning systems and UTA.

The treated air from Bio GA can then be mixed with air drawn from outside the building, and this helps to have a comfortable and well-ventilated area.

EC Declaration of Conformity

Fire Power Bio GA pellet stoves comply with applicable regulations, have an declaration of conformity CE. Fire Power Bio GA stoves fulfils:

  • 2006/95/EC
  • 2004/108/EC
  • 2006/42/EC
  • 89/106/EC

and comply with standards:

  • PN-EN 14785:2009P
  • PN-EN 60335-1:2004
  • A1:2005+A2:2008+
  • A12:2008+Ap1:2005+Ap2:2006
  • PN-EN 60335-2-102:2006
  • PN-EN 953+A1:2009
  • EN ISO 13732-1:2009
  • PN-EN 60127-1:1991
  • PN-EN 60446:1999
  • PN-EN 60519-2:1993
  • PN-EN 60730-2-5:2004
  • PN-EN 60730-1:2000
  • 2006/95/EC

How does Bio GA pellet stove work

Fire Power Bio GA wood pellet heater is an automatic device, working in effective heat exchange system. When fuel is burned, heat exchanger is heated up, and then fan is heating up the air by blowing through heat exchanger. In this way energy is quickly transferred between the air and the hot exchanger. Pumping hot air to the room gives us perceptible temperature rise effect. Temperature at the outlet is between 40 °C and 90 °C. Fire Power Bio GA pellet furnaces are freestanding devices, together with separate pellet container (270l standard) are sized about: 1m x 1m x 2m (details in table below). Thanks to mobility, day-to-day autonomic heating system can be created. It allows to reduce costs, due to efficiency, fuel costs and fact that there is no need to dismantle current heating system. Also there is no need to maintain temperature over 0°C in unused rooms, thanks to lack of indirect liquid refrigerant (water) - device can be switch off without fear of damaging the system as a result of freezing.

Examples of use

Fire Power Bio GA stoves are perfect for all kinds of rooms, where fast, warm air delivery is required. This type of heating works also for several rooms/spaces, where warm air is delivered with air supply channels. Fire Power furnaces can be used for example as a source of heat for:

  • restaurants, disco clubs
  • sports halls, tennis courts
  • churches,
  • shops, markets workshops,
  • warehouses halls
  • manufacturing facilities
  • temporary objects
  • trade fairs and outdoor events
  • technological purposes in industrial dryers
  • agriculture (i.e. dryers for wood, cereal, herbs, fruits)
  • facilities adapted for animal husbandry (i.e. poultry farm)
  • greenhouse, plastic tunnels etc.


bio ga regolatore arw


Controller RK 2006p


Controllers and regulators of rotation compatible


MODEL Bio GA 24 Bio GA 35 Bio GA 45 Bio GA 80 Bio GA 130 Bio GA 250
Power range (kW) MIN / MAX 7/24 10/35 14/45 24/80 39/131 75/246
Efficiency (%) 92,7 92 92 92 92,2 86,2
Power supply (V) 230 230 230 230 400 400
Heated air flow (m3) 1500 2100 3400 5400 7600 15200
Depth (mm) 880 880 880 900 1170 1400
Width(mm) 510 510 510 540 710 1000
Height(mm) 1705 1705 1705 1900 2050 2630
Weight(kg) 124,5 125 138 170 380 550
Fuel consumption (kg/h) 4,8 7,5 9,2 16,4 25,25 49,45
Length of feeder (m) 1,6 1,6 1,6 1,6 1,6 1,6
Consumption of the fan (W) 499 595 595 635 1785 3585
Max. Temperature of fumes (°C) 175 185 198 215 226 290
Diameter of the flue (mm) 150 150 150 150 200 250
Temperature safety limit (°C) 90 90 90 90 90 90
Chimney draft required (Pa) 38 38 38 42 42 48
Noise level at distance 1 m (dB) 45 53 56,7 58,4 75,1 77,2
Security systems 4 4 4 4 4 4
Pellet s s s s s s
Standard: 270l s s s s s s
Outside standard: 380l, 560l. o o o o o o
External power supply o o o o o o
Supply of fuel from the tank to the burner s s s s s s
Type of steel: 1.4828 s s s s s s
Cylindrical body of the burner s s s s s s
Hearth steel chrome heat resistant s s s s s s
Burner with hopper s s s s s s
Mechanical extraction of the ashes s s s s s s
Element heating-power s s s s s s
Fan s s s s - -
Fan jet - - - - s s
Gearmotor x 2 pz. s s s s s s
Photocell - optical sensor control flame s s s s s s
Grid for pellet combustion s s s s s s
Temperature sensor of the boiler s s s s s s
Temperature sensor of the burner s s s s s s
Switch s s s s s s
Safety switch s s s s s s
Spie s s s s s s
Temperature sensor s s s s s s
Sensore di acqua calda sanitaria s s s s s s
Possible expansion of additional modules s s s s s s
GSM or WIFI module o o o o o o
Checking the fuel supply tank s s s s s s
Control supply burner s s s s s s
Fan control jet s s s s s s
Lighter control s s s s s s
Pump control of central heating s s s s s s
Pump control hot water s s s s s s
Control of the mixing valve s s s s s s
Buffer control s s s s s s
Collaboration with WIFI module / GSM s s s s s s
Control of the module of the weather, solar and buffer with the menu of the control system s s s s s s
Modulation of the burner to 5 degrees s s s s s s
Pcw - priority hot water s s s s s s
WIFI communication s s s s s s
Choice of fuel (3 types) s s s s s s
Function alternative "work of the boiler" s s s s s s
Test of outputs s s s s s s
Weekly program of domestic hot water o o o o o o
Weekly program-time temperature in the room o o o o o o
Simple menu s s s s s s
Advanced Menu s s s s s s
Code alarms s s s s s s
How to serve s s s s s s
Multilanguage s s s s s s
Room temperature sensors o o o o o o
Control of the solar system o o o o o o
Control system with 3 valves up to max 16 pcs. o o o o o o
GSM module o o o o o o
WIFI module o o o o o o
Control + WIFI tablet integrated o o o o o o
Control GSM / WIFI + tablet integrated o o o o o o
s - standard equipment
o - non-standard equipment, payable in part.

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