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high quality and tecnology

PellMax is a biomass boiler with a high efficiency turbulator

The advantages of the biomass boiler PellMax

  • brazier totally automatic, self-cleaning, high-performance
  • System exchanger cleaning function with turbulator
  • Fireplace Stainless Steel resistant
  • Boiler body in 7 mm steel sheet
  • Easy maintenance

The fuel for the biomass boiler PellMax


Granules (Dried kernels)
efficiency87 class3

The biomass boiler PellMax is ideal for heating from 60 square meters to 500 square meters with capacity ranging from 16 to 50 kW

Available on demand with capacity ranging from 60 to 100 kW to heat up to 1000 square meters

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PELLMAX is an automatic boiler suitable for biomass burning in the form of pellets. The body is made of stainless certificate thickness of 7 mm.

plus is the construction of the boiler plate heat exchanger in the back that has a mechanism Automatic cleaning . This mechanism has two functions: it keeps clean the heat exchanger and serves as a turbulator of the exhaust gases. The boiler in this way reaches a ' constant efficiency.

The boiler is equipped with a combustion chamber extra with a grid that allows the combustion periodic wood.

Pellmax has a burner of a high quality steel, heat resistant with gliglia mobile is disabled cyclically during operation of the boiler.

The boiler is designed to allow a Easy to clean of the slag from the combustion chamber and an automatic management of the central heating pump, pump up, and circular and a Ignition System Automatic provide a simple use of the boiler.

The automatic thermal efficiency of the boiler is made possible by the electronic temperature.

The regulator controls the power of the air blower and of the gear motor, the speed of the pumps and the opening of the mixing valve. The ' isolation of the boiler is made of rock wool covered with colored steel sheet.

The main fuel is pellets. The substitute fuel can be Coal 31.2 , dry wood - burnt on the grill.


The "kindle fire" is used to get so Automatic appropriate combustion conditions necessary to reach full capacity of combustion.

The first step is cleaning ( breath ) of the fire from the debris. The next step is to provide a dose of fuel to create through the spiral incandiscenza , from which the fire will start the ignition process. To this end, for a certain period is actuated the loading of pellets for supplying fuel required for starting the boiler by the heater.

Here is operated Spiral and ventilator (the speed will increase gradually during power-up). If the time should be barrier will not reveal the fire cycle will start again. After three failed tests turns on the alarm "TURN ON FIRE STOVE FAILED".

Models and features

caldaia biomassa pellmax tabella

Outline of the construction of the boiler section and PellMax

caldaia biomassa pellmax schema sx
caldaia biomassa pellmax schema dx

1. Container lid fitted with pneumatic spring which facilitates its lift and support

2. The controller that controls the pumps 4

3. Fuel tank - up to 300 liters

4. Combustion chamber added

5. Propulsion channel smoke cleaning (automatic or manual)

6. Grate additional interchangeable

7. Channels cleaning smoke innovative

8. High-efficiency burner

Assembly diagram of the boiler PellMax - closed system

caldaia biomassa pellmax sistema chiuso

1. Boiler

2. PID controller

3. Expansion tank in closed system

4. 4-way valve.

5. Device for export of excess heat (pevalvolaDBV-1)

6. Circulation pump central heating

7. Heaters

8. Coffee

9. Pump C.W.U.

10. Temperature sensor return

11. Temperature Sensor central heating

12. Temperature sensor C.W.U.

13. Safety valve

14. Login cooling water

15. Hot water outlet

16. Gauge


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