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Slim Multi Flame

high quality and tecnology

The biomass boiler Slim Multi Flame burner has a patented high-performance unique.

The advantages of the biomass boiler Slim Multi Flame

  • brazier entirely automatic, self-cleaning, high-performance
  • hearth replacement add (wood)
  • burner patented high-performance Multi Flame
  • Automatic feeding a double auger
  • Security against the return of the flame to the fuel tank
  • Easy maintenance

The fuel for the biomass boiler Slim Multi Flame


Granules (Dried kernels)
efficiency88 class3

The biomass boiler Slim Multi Flame is ideal for heating from 60 square meters to 400 square meters with capacity ranging from 17 to 48 kW

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In an era of increasing energy prices obtained from the processing of fossil fuels, the search for alternative sources of energy - while less expensive - it becomes increasingly important. The technology of the burning of granules , pellets and other biomass is more and more interest.

Slim Multi Flame is a boiler with feeder of the fuel (pellets), hearth replacement add (wood). The boiler is available in two versions: with the smoke pipe upwards or towards the rear.

The special feature of this model is its burner patented Multi Flame high yield.

Boiler Slim Multi Flame

The burners MULTI FLAME are characterized by the hearth totally automatic, self-cleaning, high yield, burn exactly the amount of fuel necessary to obtain the temperature set on the thermostat.

The movement of biomass takes place through the mechanism of two augers separate from the hopper fall. The movement of the augers is activated dall'ingranamento of the teeth of toothed wheels driven by a chain through the gearmotor. In addition to the tube of the conveyor was adopted a protection element regulated by a temperature sensor on the power supply of the fuel. This solution ensures a safe conveyance of biomass, eliminating the need for further protection against uncontrolled return of the fire to the fuel tank.

The power supplies available on the market are usually equipped with a device to a single auger, this system involves the need to apply additional protection against the return of the flame to the fuel container. This makes it mandatory sprinkler system, the so-called "fireman" based on the thermal valve and the container of water outside. In case of increase of temperature in the supply of the fuel takes place the opening of the valve and the hearth is inundated with water, causing a great loss of time to clean the boiler: this is not necessary with the boiler Slim Multi Flame.

The task of the feed mechanism developed by the department of buildings ZMK SAS is indeed to protect the fuel tank by the return uncontrolled flame, without the need for applying the fire . The power supply of the fuel for boilers, solid fuel (in particular biomass) is constructed so as to eliminate the danger of return of the flame from the combustion chamber to the container of the fuel during normal operation and during the stop in the operation of the feeder and during the power failure (power failure).

Ignition process is automatic (lighter ceramic). The equipment of the hearth with the mechanism of ash removal (moving grates) allows the use of fuels which tend to form the slag. The elements of the hearth exposed to action of high temperatures are made steel resistant to high temperatures and the equipment in the space above the fireplace includes a brick section and device more points for the influx of air that allows proper combustion process.

The operation of the device is adjusted via the control module : this determines the operation of the elements of the burner (between the ignition of the fuel, the mechanism of the moving grates and the positioning sensor - Hall sensor ). The temperature controller fixed on the boiler controls the operation of the blower fan, the feeding mechanism of the fuel and the temperature sensor of the feeder. Cooperation between the control module operation have type MULI FLAME, and the device main boiler control is permitted through the application of communication via RS . The hearth properly functioning boiler allows the combustion of the indispensable amount of fuel for maintaining the temperature set on the thermostat . The control of the boiler operates the continuous temperature measurements in the boiler and according to it adequately controls the operation of the circulation pumps of the central heating system and pump tank hot water .

Edge of the boiler equipped with the burner type MULTI FLAME is the user is the periodic loading of fuel in the tank is in the removal of ash from the ash drawer compartment without the need to turn off the stove.

Scheme of the construction SLIM MULTI FLAME and section of the boiler

biomass boiler slim multi flame schema

1. Boiler body (body)

2. Thermal insulation

3. Water jacket

4. Drawer of the ash pan

5. Joining pipe return water

6. Door air dosage

7. Door to the ash pan

9. Branches of the combustion chamber

12. Grid water

13. Protective grille for the hot material

14. Feed door and ignition

15. Cleanout door

16. Temperature controller (command)

17. Doser airflow **

18. Strip of connection

19. Joining pipe hot water

20. Hole duct cleaning smoke

21. Butterfly valve of the exhaust fumes

22. Flue

23. Fuel tank (fuel container)

24. Safety valve

25. Thermometer

26. Junction tube for the temperature sensor with capillary tube *

27. Adjustment screw inflow of air to the hearth Traditional

28. Joining pipe with tap /inflow cooling water * /

29. Adjustment feet **)

35. MULTI FLAME burner

36. Strip connecting the burner, main switch, safety device

37. Control module of the burner operation (ignition device, moving grates)

38. Home of biomass (pellet)

* thermal protection against overheating - eg thermostatic valve. Danfoss type BVTS is not included in the standard equipment of the boiler

** The dispenser of the air flow is not included as standard equipment of the boiler


The patented Multi Burner Flame in detail

The mechanism of burner cleaning is performed by soffiaggi technical periodicals and moving grid . The combustion of the fuel of the worst quality can cause the accumulation of inventories in the form of ash on the hearth plate (fixed part). In that case, take off the body of the stove and remove the ash from the ash drawer compartment. The accumulation of the ash is not a defect for the operation of the burner, but a consequence of the combustion of fuel of the worst quality. The command of the operation of the power supply of the fuel, the fan blower is done automatically according to the needs of thermal power. The frequency of the goodwill of the mechanism of moving grids must be adapted according to the quality of the fuel used.


The burner type MULTI FLAME pellet and biomass is designed to be installed in boilers is a solid fuel with container, on boilers with automatic feeding system of the fuel.

The function of 'unit is controlled by the control module: this determines the operation of the burner (among other things on the device Power of the fuel, mechanism of the grid Mobile with positioning sensor - Hall effect ).


Description of the building

The main advantage of the burner MULTI FLAME is the one that does not require a continuous (daily) maintenance and its use may take place continuously throughout the heating season.

The burner MULTI FLAME provides a high-efficiency combustion of granulated wood - pellets. It features the hearth with mobile fire bars , whose movement cyclically repeated allows the removal of the ash formed during the biomass burning keeping the firebox clean and at the same time allows the use of different fuels (in the form of biomass).

Operation Multi Burner Flame

In the burner type MULTI FLAME , the fuel is transported from the fuel container to the area of the furnace through the feed mechanism of the fuel with two tubes of fuel distribution (two augers transport divided by the supply channel, which guarantees the necessary distance between them). This solution guarantees a safe conveyance of biomass , eliminating the need for an additional protection against uncontrolled return fire to the fuel tank.

The elements of the fireplace (the body of the hearth, the moving grates, fire grate - the fixed part, the mounting plate), exposed to high temperatures, are made of sheet steel , resistant to high temperatures. Over the area of the brick focolaresi is profiled - grog, which further protects the body of the fireplace while ensures the burning of combustible parts remaining fuel . The fixing plate of the burner coated with the heat insulator, the mechanism protects the fuel against overheating.

The air for the combustion process is transported through the distribution channel via the system of ventilation holes . A part of the air is conducted under the grate in the firebox, while the other is directly pushed to the combustion through the system of holes in the side of the hearth. Proper air flow is provided by the blowing fan , whose operation is controlled by the control device of the boiler.

The fuel is fed through two augers shipping , which, for safety reasons, have been divided through the feed channel. The feeding mechanism is constituted of the gear motor, which via the gear wheels and the chain moves the supply system of the fuel. The propulsion system of the fuel supply is located under the protective coating. It is possible to remove the feed mechanism for periodic cleaning with mounting screws and ring seal .

The biomass is supplied to the hearth, where it implements the automatic ignition via the resistance ( device Electric Power ) This device during operation is cooled with air flow transported through the air distribution channel.

The automatic ignition of the fuel system and the maintenance of the flame after reaching the desired temperature causes the boiler will operate properly with a low demand for thermal power (possibility of continuous work and exchange with the tank of hot water in the summer).

The type burner MULTI FLAME is characterized brazier automatic, self-cleaning, high yield, which burns the exact amount of fuel needed to get the temperature set on the thermostat.

The hearth grid was divided into fixed and movable section of the grids. The moving grates activated periodically through the eccentric mechanism, can transport from the firebox to the chamber of the boiler combustion residues of fuel or ash, especially in the form of material aglomerato slag . Such solution allows to keep the area of the hearth in the state "clean" without interrupting the continuity of the combustion process. The grids furniture after the cleaning cycle of the hearth are placed into the slots of the front of the hearth. The placement of the grids is achieved by the operation of the control sensor positioning (sensor Hall ).

A small part of the fuel - ash - left over from the combustion of the biomass in the final stage of combustion, is transported into the chamber of the ash box, where is located the drawer. It must be emptied periodically ( ash formed during the combustion process can be used as fertilizer ). The frequency of emptying the drawer depends on the quality of pellets burned.

The command module of the operation of the stove automatically controls the resistance of fuel ignition and the cleaning mechanism of the burner with the positioning sensor (sensor Hall ). The temperature controller mounted on the boiler controls the operation of the blower fan, the feed mechanism of the fuel, the temperature sensor of the feeder. The communication between the control module feeder type MULI FLAME and the device main boiler control is possible thanks to the RS . The hearth of the boiler allows the combustion of the right amount of fuel for maintaining the temperature set on the thermostat. The control of the boiler performs continuous measurements of water temperature in the boiler and on the basis of these measurements regulates the operation of the circulation pumps of the system of central heating and hot water supply pump.

Hardware burner

Burner for the combustion of biomass ( pellet ) MULTI FLAME comes fully assembled, with command module , fan blower, power system of the fuel with the gear , moving grates with the driving force , strength (electric ignition device), mounting plate insulated heat, while the elements exposed to high temperatures are made sheet steel resistant to high temperatures .

Schema and Section burner MULTI FLAME

caldaia biomassa slim multi flame schema

1. Claddings

2. Resistance (ignition device ceramic)

3. Power supply of fuel (two screw conveyors, channel power)

4. Temperature sensor supply

5. Air shipping (cooling ignition device)

6. Driving force grids furniture

7. Sensor positioning of the grids furniture - Hall effect sensor

8. Leg support supply

9. Power supply of fuel (oil)

10. Brick shaped (grog)

11. Ventilation of the hearth

12. Area hearth

13. Channel blowing

14. Inspection hole of the air chamber

15. Mechanism of ash removal (moving grates)

16. Rope seal

17. Fixing plate burner

18. Blowing fan

19. Gearmotor avviante feeder

20. Transfer of propulsion on the conveyor augers

21. Coating of the mechanism of gears

22. Mounting frame fuel tank


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