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high quality and tecnology

Trefl is the wood-fired boiler flame down and gasification

The advantages of the biomass boiler Trefl

  • Compact
  • Boiler body in steel plate 6 mm
  • Simple hydraulic links
  • Expandable with solar panels gas
  • Length of logs of wood until 50 cm
  • Intuitive control with Controller Touch
  • Easy maintenance

The fuel for the biomass boiler Trefl

efficiency83 class4

The biomass boiler Trefl is ideal for heating from 60 square meters to 400 square meters with capacity ranging from 25 to 40 kW

Optimize plant

Save 50-70% more with your biomass boiler

Optimizing your biomass plant you can get an additional savings of up to 70% in fuel consumption, for example by combining a puffer to your boiler.

Evaluation is free and our technicians will offer the best specific solution for you.

Save up 70%70%
Optimize plant

The new range Trefl is the further refinement of the process of gasification that allows you to take advantage of the power of wood with the Minimum emission of pollutants.

New burner ceramic with steel plates . Large cargo volume logs (up to 60 kg) for a autonomy of exercise and reduced loading frequency.

Electronic control simple and intuitive interface that handles all the functions of the boiler.

Motor fan suction modulating powerful, quiet and easy to access.

Exchanger easy cleaning with the drawer front to facilitate inspection and the removal of the ashes.


Natural gas extracted from the fuel is sucked through the burn pot.

The tips of the flames reach ca. 1200° C and the woods are completely aerated increasing the performance.

Optimum use of fuel efficiency and ceilings.

There aren't residual fuels ash


controller biomass boiler trefl


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Consulting for a good plant biomass heating

To get the best possible performance from a biomass plant is important to well design the system.
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