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high quality and tecnology

Trotex, the biomass boiler robust and reliable able to burn it all!

The advantages of the biomass boiler Trotex

  • High-performance brazier (horizontal flame with modulating fan)
  • Heat recovery from the exhaust gases with partial precipitation of dust
  • Compact
  • Boiler body in steel plate 6 to 10 mm
  • Exchanger vertical walls
  • Door with Actuator gas
  • Efficiency up to 80%
  • Intuitive control with Controller Touch
  • Easy maintenance

The fuel for the biomass boiler Trotex


Wood chips
Wood chips

Burn it all (pruning, wood waste, sawdust and briquettes)
Burn it all (pruning, wood waste, sawdust and briquettes)
efficiency80 class3

The biomass boiler Trotex is ideal for heating from 100 square meters to 500 square meters with capacity ranging from 25 to 50 kW

Optimize plant

Save 50-70% more with your biomass boiler

Optimizing your biomass plant you can get an additional savings of up to 70% in fuel consumption, for example by combining a puffer to your boiler.

Evaluation is free and our technicians will offer the best specific solution for you.

Save up 70%70%
Optimize plant

The boiler steel type TROTEX is intended for supply to the central heating and hot water preparation for a single-family home, factories, commercial spots, stores, etc. , where the supply water temperature does not go over 95 ° C , and the pressure is 0.2 MPa.

The boiler Trotex has a high strength construction so that the steel plates that make up reaching 10 mm thick.

One of the characteristics of the boiler Trotex low combustion control (optional low - high).

The elements of the central heating boiler are sheet from 6mm-10mm - in order to better withstand the aggressive behavior of organic substances.

the heat exchanger of the boiler is a vertical panel and directly above the focus, can be mounted another tray.

the combustion chamber has a grid of iron , ceramic coating and nozzles of gas release and what allows her to have an efficient combustion process.

the boiler Trotex has been designed for the combustion of wood (wood chips, briquettes, wood chips, sawdust, scraps and pruning). The boiler is also suitable for the combustion of regular Carbon , after first removing the tray.

Trotex is reliable and simple to use and does not create problems for use.

The opening of the doors of the boiler is fitted with gas actuator , and allows filling with pieces of wood large enough.

The boiler will burn with a full tank lasts from 5 to 10 hours.

The exhaust from the combustion chamber pass through the wall that divides the outbreak within the rear channels where there is the partial return of the exhaust facilitating partial precipitation of dust and soot.

The boiler is equipped with a electronic regulator that through the ventilator provides the air required for combustion and allows control of the temperature of the boiler.


Dry wood

The wood should be placed at least one year of aging (humidity within 20%). The burning of wet wood causes cantrame and reduces the efficiency of the boiler.

Biomass - the dust of wood shavings (seats layer of wood moisture by 20%).

Features of the models

caldaia biomassa trotex tabella

Outline of the construction of the boiler section and Trotex

biomass boiler trotex schema sx
biomass boiler trotex schema dx

1. Extension of the fuel tank

2. Opening the top cover servo

3. Boiler body in sheet thickness of 6-10 mm

4. Combustion chamber made of a single piece of sheet metal with a thickness of 10 mm

5. Adjustable air flow

6. Temperature sensor of the exhaust gas

7. Fuel tank

8. Nozzle adjustment of combustion

9. Ceramic coating

10. Cast iron grill

Schema di montaggio della caldaia Trotex – sistema chiuso

TROTEX biomass boiler system closed

1. Boiler

2. PID controller

3. Expansion tank in closed system

4. 4-way valve.

5. Device for export of excess heat (pevalvolaDBV-1)

6. Circulation pump central heating

7. Heaters

8. Coffee

9. Pump C.W.U.

10. Temperature sensor return

11. Temperature Sensor central heating

12. Temperature sensor C.W.U.

13. Safety valve

14. Login cooling water

15. Hot water outlet

16. Gauge


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